Expose yourself; advertising with AltEnergy

What we can offer

AltEnergy can offer exposure for your business via:

  • Our subscribers: We have 160 active subscribers, numbers growing all the time, from a wide range of industries and services that are Australian/NZ large-scale renewable energy insiders
  • Our industry contact list: We have collected a database of almost 1000 unique names of people and businesses that are closely associated with the Australian/NZ large-scale renewable energy sector
  • Our website: As of mid-February 2021 we attracted almost 7000 page views in a month to our website at altenergy.staging67.com and have reached 14,000/month
  • Social media: Almost 660 followers across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

AltEnergy can promote your business and its services on our website, social media channels and targeted emails to subscribers and industry insiders. Your messages will pass across the eyeballs of the most significant and active industry participants in the sector.

Advertising Options

  1. Website advertising

AltEnergy can put your business in front of a target audience specifically related to the Australasian renewable energy industry. In July 2020 our website achieved 14,213 page views from 6,326 sessions. The AltEnergy website attracts regular subscriber traffic, as well as ranks highly in public domain website searches.

  1. Targeted emails

You can utilise our huge industry contact database of almost 1000 individual companies to promote your products or services. We can help you put together a well-designed HTML email or PDF so you can reach a perfectly targeted and relevant market with news of a new product or project, service delivery offer, or general brand awareness.

  1. Social media

AltEnergy has built a social media presence to have almost 660 followers across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Again, these are highly targeted, industry-specific people and organisations you will be getting your message across to.

Rates and terms are available on request.

Email sales@altenergy.staging67.com to see how we can design a package to suit your advertising needs.